Week 9, Day 25 Good News, Bad News

What? You’re running on tuesday? That doesn’t seem right.

Let’s just chalk it up to the vicissitudes of single parenting and move on. I may come back to the fact that today is tuesday in a bit.

Let’s start with the good news.

Hill 1: 00:00:27 (new PB by one second)

Track A 00:01:34 (new PB by one second)

If you think that marks a trend, you’re incorrect.

In fact, I’m shocked by my Track A time, because while I was running it I felt fucking horrible. My breathing was way off, I was gasping almost the whole way, and the dreaded side stitches were back. I thought I was going to be way off my pace. But it worked out, so I won’t complain. Well, no more than I already have at least.

Hill 1 was similar, only shorter. I think I made up the time by taking longer strides. I attribute some additional strength to the stair running I’ve been doing. The problem is I definitely felt myself slowing down at the top of the hill, and my heart rate was only 175 (only!) so I don’t think it was a cardio problem. That chalks it up to either a willpower problem, or a muscle fatigue problem. More on this momentarily.

Now for the bad news. I wanted to time myself for my best 1k pace. I started running and within 45 seconds I had to stop because of side stitches and a general sense that things weren’t right. I started up again, and after another minute I had to walk for a bit to catch my breath. I almost decided today wasn’t my day and quit altogether, but then I realized I’d have to come clean about it on here and that wasn’t going to fly. So I  stuck it out, just without any concern about pace. I still managed 00:06:14, which I was surprised by, but it certainly doesn’t cut it from a pace perspective.

So, here’s my theory. Tuesday. I ran pretty hard on thursday, saturday, and sunday (from a stairs perspective at the very least). I’m used to that, but I’m also used to four days recovery before my next run. I think today was my body being reacting poorly to being shocked out of that pattern. If you want to put 2+2 together, that means (drum roll): it’s because of the children!

It takes a grown man to blame small children for his problems.

Anyone else have any theories on why today sucked so bad?


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